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About Hartzell Auto Interiors

Hartzell Auto Interiors was established in 1978. Since starting this business, we have expanded three times to our present location at 320 16th Street in Aurora, Nebraska. We offer a broad range of auto trim services, from complete interiors to the replacement of headliners. We have designed and installed nearly all styles of interiors, including, but not limited to original, custom, sculpted, and resto. Many manufacturers of interior kits are constantly adding more models to their product line, as well as newer styles, which we make available to you when designing your interior. We can install your kit to original specifications, in addition to designing a custom interior, and anything in between. Our rebuild process includes stripping all seats and components down to the original metal where they are cleaned as well as repaired as needed to insure a quality foundation for the new upholstery. Digital photos are taken throughout the construction/process, giving our customers peace of mind about the quality of work that they do not see with the finished product. 

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